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24 July 2015
Who's the guy in the in-flight entertainment system?

A while ago I had the (questionable) pleasure of being on a 11 hour transatlantic flight, heading to LA. Since passengers are getting upset that their water bottles are being thrown away before boarding, they have to be pleased some other way, and what could be better than a nice and shiny in-flight entertainment system?There […]

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04 November 2014
Vulnerabilities in automation systems lets you ring bells of Swedish church

A few days ago Swedish national newspaper Dagens Nyheter revealed very disturbing vulnerabilities in the automation systems of Swedish company Kabona. These systems control HVAC systems, climate systems, heating, supermarket freezers and so on, nothing strange there, all these functions you could want to monitor and adjust remotely. The problem is that thousands of installations […]

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12 February 2014
The troublesome history of the bitcoin exchange MtGox

Most, if not all, of the people interested in the bitcoin phenomenon have heard of MtGox, the Japanese bitcoin exchange. I'll look in to some of the issues they've run into over the handful of years they've existed. From trading cards to real money MtGox started in 2009 as an exchange for trading cards (MtGox […]

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06 February 2014
Analyzing #ASUSGATE

So, I guess you backup all your important information regularly. Automatically and with heavy encryption. On several mirrored locations. That’s great, because not many people do. My following question would be, ‘Which files do you backup?’ The most important ones, of course. This is why the so-called Asusgate is a problem. (I wrote a post […]

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09 January 2014
Tens of thousands unknowingly share their NAS with the Internet

Here are some unnerving news for owners of ASUS routers. The Swedish publication TechWorld has revealed that USB hard drives connected to ASUS routers are easily reached through the Internet unless they are properly configured. The following ASUS routers seem to have this "feature" available: RT-N66U, RT-N56U, RT-N15U, RT-N65U, RT-AC66U, DSL-N55U and RT-N16. As far […]

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